O Say Can You See?

The cross still stands amid Notre Dame’s ruins

In the “City of Lights”
as the sun was setting
darkness dominated the familiar skyline
as Our Lady silently suffered.

That iconic Cathedral burned.
Her historic spire fell.
A glorious church was charred by smoke
and defaced by flames.

The faithful wept.
But not they alone.
The world grieved for what was lost.

O sacred place now wounded,
we mourn in the shadows of your twin towers.
But we are not despairing.
The message of this Holy Week inspires hope.
That which has fallen will rise again.

Death is dominated by life.
Ruin is replaced by rejoicing.
Good Friday gives way to Resurrection Sunday.

O say can you see by the dawn’s early light
the symbol of our Easter faith?
The cross still stands unscathed!
And Notre Dame remains secure.

We celebrate this artistic masterpiece
that continues to lift our heads
and focus our gaze heavenward
even as we worship the Creator
to which the Cathedral points.

God be praised!