The Gospel According to Fast-Food

A tip of the hat to two fast-food giants

In-N-Out and Chick-fil-a
are faith-based chains. Their owners pray.
The cross (not golden arches) looms
behind their business goals.

These fast-food giants make it clear.
They will not cave and will not fear
when critics challenge their beliefs
as out-of-step or strange.

And God has blessed their gutsy stand
as shown in sales across our land.
Both In-N-Out and Chick-fil-a
are reaping what they’ve sown.

A Solar Eclipse for the Ages

Look up! Your redemption draweth nigh!

Tens of millions will be watching
craning necks and looking up
to observe what has been promised in the sky.
It will be a holy moment
when the sun at last appears.
Wearing shades approved by NASA, we will spy.

But, that solar-studded Monday
(hyped by media galore)
will one day be dwarfed by something far more great.
When the Son of God returns to reign,
He will eclipse that day.
When He comes again the world will celebrate!

He is coming on the clouds, we’re told.
O what a glorious day!
“Look up for your redemption draweth nigh!”
But unlike Monday’s light show,
we won’t know the day or hour
when the Son makes His appearance in the sky.

Knowing that, we’d best be ready.
Yes, today might be the day
when the Son will rise with healing in His wings.
Trusting Jesus as our Savior,
we will glimpse His Majesty
as we join the chorus all the world will sing…

“Hallelujah! For the Lord our God the Almighty reigns!”

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A Family Reunion Prayer

Contemplating the beauty of our family tree

Creator of our family tree
(especially the branch called “me”)
please let our roots grow deep and strong
so it will stand secure.

From limb to limb our tree has grown.
And, Lord, You’ve seen how winds have blown.
But, by Your grace strong storms could not
uproot what You preserve.

Allow the blossoms on our tree
to scent our world most fragrantly.
And may the fruit that we will bear
help nourish those You love.

Within the shadow of our tree,
may friends and strangers come to see
the love that binds each one of us
in spite of miles and years.

Redemption for Foul Ball Boy

What we can learn from Steve Bartman about grace

Steve Bartman was the butt of jokes.
To Cubbies fans, he was a goat
who jinxed Chicago’s Series dreams
some fourteen years ago.  

His urge to catch a foul ball fly
(that left his critics cursing “why?”)
spelled doomsday for the hated lout.
Steve Bartman was Black Bart.  

And though he loved his Northside team,
Steve was a hated man it seemed.
He took his life into his hands
whenever he went out.  

And then this week redemption came.
A Series ring with Bartman’s name
was given to the Foul Ball Boy
to say that all is well.  

It is a picture of God’s grace.
The guilty one (once deemed abased),
is now included in the clan
that claims the victor’s crown.