The Big Black Dog

A prayer for those with depression

The music of my soul has ceased
and all because a heartless beast
refuses to release its grip
and set my spirit free.

The big black dog. A dark gray cloud.
Depression’s pall is like a shroud
that wraps around my lifeless soul
and robs my joy of air.

Depression is a living death
depriving me of needed breath.
It mocks my faith incessantly
while holding hostage hope.

O Giver of eternal light
illuminate this endless night
and lead me from this prison cell
into the warmth of day.

And the Children Cry

A lament for the illegal immigrant children separated from their families

Children without mom and dad
are now detained, afraid and sad.
These huddled masses (poor and tired)
are yearning to breathe free.

Children with a future here
currently constrained by fear
cannot imagine what’s in store
removed from family.

Children without cause for blame
who (on the backs of parents) came
pray to a God who wills for all
that justice will prevail.

Lord, have mercy!

A NEW Poem About OLD Glory

What does Frances Scott Key have to do with Flag Day?

Francis Key
would help us see
this is a banner day.
For he would bring
a means to sing
of that for which we prayed.

This Key unlocked
a means to talk
about what makes us free:
The untold price
of sacrifice
that bought our liberty.

Happy Flag Day!

Oh, the Places You Will Go

A poem for high school graduates (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

The world’s your oyster. The world’s your stage.
Your future awaits, so turn the page.

The Lord will guide you. So, trust His plans.
Just say “Your wish is my command.”

Look in your heart. What brings delight?
Embrace your gift. Turn on the light.

God made you just the way you are.
So go with that and you’ll go far.

But far begins with one small step.
So lace your shoes and then expect
to run your race at your own speed.
Don’t fret about who’s in the lead.

This thing called life’s a marathon.
It’s not a sprint. So, carry on!

Along the way, you’ll trip and fall.
You’ll bruise your knees and that’s not all.

Your pride will smart, but that’s okay.
That’s how you learn to make your way.

So, each new day look in the mirror.
Confront yourself and what you fear.

Be sure to give yourself a smile.
It’s good to celebrate each mile.

Along the path that you will go,
who cares if you go fast or slow.

Remind yourself God’s in control
and He will help you reach your goals.

What matters most is making time
to pace yourself and read the signs
of where to go and what to do.
The future does depend on you.

So What Does an “Open and Affirming” Church Mean?

It depends on how you define the terms

We’re an open and affirming clan
to those who long to understand
the Father’s plan for life and joy
based in His heart of love.

We are open to the Word of God
and to His grace that’s deep and broad
as we affirm our tendency
to skirt His righteousness.

We are open to express our views
aware they might ignite a fuse
and yet we still affirm our vow
to live in unity.

We are open and affirming, too.
We’re open to embrace what’s new
if it affirms God’s timeless truth
that never will grow old.