Responding to Those Who Suffer

Lessons from Job when tragedy strikes

Be still and know that they’re in pain.
Don’t try to find some cause or blame.
Just listen to their hurting heart
and be a friend to them.

Be still and know they want your care.
They need your presence more than prayer.
Just knowing you will hear their heart
means all the world to them.

Be still and know you give them hope.
Your quiet presence helps them cope.
You give them strength to carry-on.
You are God’s gift to them.

Grieving for a Friend

Mourning the death of Pastor Eugene Peterson

With Bono I am grieving
the death of one so loved.
The author of two dozen books
is now in Heav’n above.

His raspy voice is silent.
His ministry complete.
The bearded pastor has gone home
where we will one day meet.

In vivid words and phrases
our friend Eugene conveyed
the essence of God’s awesome truth
in fresh exciting ways.

His paraphrase of Scripture
is worth a second look.
“The Message” is his legacy.
I hope you have this book.

We will miss you, Eugene Peterson!
Peace to your memory!

The Death of a Trailblazer

Remembering my neighbor Paul Allen

He gave us Windows to our world.
A real Trailblazer, he.
A 12th man for the team he owned.
King of philanthropy.

Paul Allen was the kind of man
who gave his wealth away.
He Vulcanized his tireless staff
to find a better way.

He looked for answers to earth’s ills.
Paul’s heart beat for the poor.
He funded dreams. (That was his dream).
He opened locked-up doors.

Seattle is much cloudier
with Bill Gates’ partner gone.
But thanks to Paul, the world will find
more options come the dawn.

Check out…

Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out

The transgressions of youth and social media follow us

If ever there was any doubt…
“Be sure your sins will find you out.”
Behavior back in high school
can derail your grown-up dreams.

An Instagram or Facebook post
can turn your resume to toast.
And photos taken just for fun
can rob you of a job.

The choices that we freely make
can turn the tide and leave a wake.
We can’t undo what we have done.
We reap what we have sown.

So Who are We to Judge?

A timely question

Excuse me. May I be so bold
to ask about your past?
In high school did you drink beer with your friends?
Did you do some things you now regret
that no one would suspect?
If so, how can you judge another’s sins?

And what about your current life?
What secrets do you hide?
What would the FBI reveal as true?
Would your best friends and your colleagues
be appalled at what they find?
So, who are you to judge what others do?

Perhaps this is the perfect time
to look into the mirror
acknowledging you aren’t who others think.
You have the means to change your ways
and claim God’s cleansing grace
that charts our lives in pencil not with ink.