Checking Out the Green Book

The book that became a movie (eighty years later)

In the library of our culture
a volume’s been withdrawn.
It’s a green book that was checked out far too much.
Why it wasn’t banned’s a mystery.
This non-fiction’s history.
It was bound to be a racist person’s crutch.

Now the Green Book is a movie.
It’s a film you ought to see.
In black and white we’re shown as in a mirror.
Some will blush with bright red faces
while still others will feel blue
for the ugliness of prejudice is clear.

Our Country Needs a King

Longing for Martin Luther King’s influence

Where are you when we need you?
Dr. King, why aren’t you here?
The dream you had is far from realized.
We still prejudge each other.
Black lives matter less than most.
And we still believe our culture’s racist lies.

Although we aren’t a monarchy,
our country needs a King
to voice the values Jesus taught as right.
To love our neighbor as ourselves.
To serve the lost and least.
To turn a cheek when others choose to fight.

Just how much we need you Martin
is quite obvious it seems.
Your quest for civil rights has stalled again.
We could use a prophet-preacher
to confront our nation’s pride
and invoke a holy God to judge our sin.

Build Trust Before a Wall

A message to President Trump

Please don’t hold your workers hostage.
Mr. Trump, they work for you.
And to live from day to day they need their pay.
Don’t deprive their spouse and children
from the basics they deserve.
You’re behaving like a brute to get your way.

You are like a playground bully
when you make unfair demands.
It ain’t right when you insist we play your game.
While a wall may have some merit,
what we need far more is trust.
Mr. Trump, make building trust your foremost aim.

A New Year Now Has Dawned

New hymn lyrics to ring in a new year

A new year now has dawned
inviting us to dream
of unity the likes of which
we’ve never seen.
God, give us grace
to mend our ways
and turn away
from what we’ve been.

A new year now has dawned
inviting us to do
those acts of love
we have put off
You’ve called us to.
God, give us grace
to start afresh and see each task
as serving You.

A new year now has dawned
inviting us to dare
to be the hands
and feet of Jesus everywhere.
God, give us grace
that we might risk
and in our risking really care.

A new year now has dawned
inviting us to be
a church that models hope
in our community.
God, give us grace
to claim a future marked by love
and dignity.

tune: Rejoice, the Lord is King