A Wall that Unites Our Nation

With somber gratitude for the Vietnam Memorial

Near to where Mr. Lincoln sits,
a wall stands
bearing witness to a conflict
that claimed countless lives
half a century ago.

Unlike another wall
that divides our nation,
this wall of chiseled names
unites us with gratitude
for those who died
defending democracy
far from home.

It is a wall that protects us
from the possibility
of forgetting those
who dare not be forgotten.
Peace to their memories!

The Nameless “Winds of War”

Counting the cost of non-stop tornadoes

The spinning winds have spun again
and left a wake of pain.
The dreams of millions have been dashed
by swaths without a name.

Unlike their cousins hurricanes,
tornadoes are but winds.
Without a name by which they’re known,
they simply churn and spin.

Anonymous, (and yet they cause
such catastrophic loss),
these airborne beasts deserve our wrath
for what their pillage costs.

Let’s pray for those now victimized
by Nature’s “winds of war”
where farmlands became battlefields
and casualties the score.

Rowing Waves Again

The abortion debate divides an already divided country once more

The pro-life current still is strong.
The Crimson Tide is proof.
In ‘Bama all abortions are a sin.
A wave of hope has crashed on shore
for those who say they’re right.
And just like that they’re rowing waves again.

But those who take a pro-choice view
are galvanized by rage.
The Alabama ruling fuels their hate.
The outcome of this tug-of-war
remains a mystery
as court decisions vary state by state.

The highest court may yet decide
if Roe v. Wade will stand.
Regardless, there will always be a fight.
For those who hold that life begins
within a woman’s womb
will challenge those who champion their rights.

A Sorority of Sisters

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of PEO International

You’re a sorority of sisters
and a sisterhood of grace
advancing women’s hopes and goals and dreams.
Since 1869 you’ve paved
a path for doing good
providing what is needed ways and means.

So here’s to what you seek to do
that most will never know.
Your philanthropic purposes prevail.
Acknowledging your call to care
(in light of who you are),
I celebrate the charge you keep so well.

When Your World Crashes Down

Reflections on a crane collapse in Seattle

When your world crashes down,
your feelings go numb
as you look on in horror
at all that is
that shouldn’t be.
Your heart breaks.
It beats double time
while time stands still.
And all that you can do
is sit with your grief
and cry.

When death crashes in
on those caught unaware,
you reach out
to those who loved them
who shiver in disbelief and shock.
With arms of compassion,
you embrace their pain
and comfort the hurting
and pray.

Lord, help them.
Help us.
We need you!