The Six Feet Rule

It’s a matter of life or death

Six feet over or six feet under?
The choice seems clear. And yet I wonder
why so many disregard
a life or death decree.

There’s breathing room in six short feet.
So, why do you hug those you meet?
Just keep your distance. Play it safe.
The space you grant is grace.

Don’t get too close. Give others room.
If you refuse, the deadly gloom
that circumvents our precious globe
will largely go unchecked.

When we obey what we are told
the weak and fragile (and the old)
can rest assured we’ll do our part
to keep this bug at bay.

Calling on the Ghostbusters Among Us

Reflecting on the coronavirus crisis

It’s an unprecedented crisis
that our president has likened to a war.
There is a price tag in terms of human lives and the economy.
The bottom line is tallied on a daily basis.

My city’s a ghost town.
And it’s likely yours is, too.
And what is worse, the ghost is still at large.

It’s larger than life but equal to death.
Although invisible, this ghost casts an enormous shadow.
It drenches our hopes and dreams in darkness
while our doubts and fears are allowed to flourish in the mist of mourning.

Parents don’t dare tell ghost stories to their kids.
But they’d do well to talk about their COVID-19 concerns with each other
(just not in the same room).

Is there a ghostbuster in the house?
Absolutely, there is.
It’s called heeding what the authorities advise us.
It’s called social distancing.
It’s called diligent hand washing.
It’s called working from home.
It’s called worshiping remotely.
It’s called checking in oftern with those we care about.
It’s called calling out to the Creator for divine intervention.
It’s called listening to our hearts amid the unfamiliar sounds of silence.
It’s called embracing faith and renouncing despair.

Lord, have mercy!

Coronavirus Checklist

What to do and what not to do

Wash your hands 12 times a day.
Stay at least 6 feet away.
Stay at home if you feel sick.
Sneeze into your arm.

Stay away from nursing homes.
Disinfect your mobile phones.
Work remotely if you can.
FaceTime those you love.

You can manage, yes you can.
Plan your day then work your plan.
Play it safe and safely work.
Start each day with prayer!

Coronavirus Chaos

Where following our fears find us

The markets fall.
The edicts stand.
A virus we don’t understand
has fostered fear
and jarred our nerves.
It’s brought us to our knees.

We’ve stocked our pantries,
cleaned stores out.
Our panicked buying
leaves no doubt.
Coronavirus has us spooked.
Just how long will it last?

Forget the masks,
but wash those hands.
Prepare to cancel
what’s been planned.
Let’s pack our patience,
feed our faith
and learn to elbow bump.