Like a Mighty Wind, God’s Spirit

A new hymn for Pentecost Sunday

Like a mighty wind, God’s Spirit
came with power and with grace.
Evidence was most abundant
on each head and on each face.
What the Prophet Joel had promised,
finally had been fulfilled.
Old and young, both men and women,
testified to what God willed.

In the midst of change and challenge,
sheltering in place for days,
those who followed Jesus’ teaching
filled the upper room with praise.
Tongues of fire and of worship
blazed with beauty and with love
bearing witness to God’s presence
now descended from above.

Pentecost reminds God’s people
quarantines are not a curse.
Stays at home can be a blessing
when we seek God’s Kingdom first.
Shelters can be sanctuaries
where the voice of God is heard.
And in quiet contemplation,
we can act upon God’s Word.

Like a mighty wind, God’s Spirit
comes again with power and grace
animating us with courage
for the trials we will face.
Filled with that which filled our Savior,
we can conquer any foe.
We can claim the life He promised
as we stay and as we go.

Tune: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee