A Thanksgiving to Remember

The year COVID came to dinner

Pass the yams and pass the turkey.
Pass the iPad if you will.
I want to Facetime with my fam-i-ly.
Though quarantined from loved ones,
I am grateful we’re not sick
and I’m thanking God we have technology.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful
for the protocols in place
that are helping curb the COVID’s appetite.
For this guest no one invited
has devoured happy times
and has set its sights on big and little bites.

I am hoping this rude houseguest
gets the message and departs.
It’s wreaked havoc and much heartache heretofore.
COVID has no right to be here.
God in Heaven, please take charge.
Would you kindly show this enemy the door?

Looking Up in a Lockdown

Prescription for a pandemic

Our Governor says “Lockdown!”
but our Father says “Look up!”
Let’s cast our cares on One who knows our plight.
The fears surrounding COVID
can have crippling effects
and find us grasping straws with knuckles white.

Looking up admits we’re helpless,
but it also signals hope.
When we fix our gaze above we know God knows.
Spoken words are not essential.
Silent glances do the trick.
Faith that’s channeled in the quiet grows and grows.

Let’s look up and focus clearly
on the One who’s in control
as we take our eyes off headlines that distract.
God, who sees into the future,
is worth trusting all the time.
Night and day He has perspective that we lack.

Jeopardy’s in Jeopardy

Acknowledging the influence of Alex Trebek

“Jeopardy’s in jeopardy!”
That answer begs the question.
“How has the death of Alex T.
stressed out our grieving nation?”

This houseguest came into our homes
each evening after dinner.
He stole our hearts. He grew our minds.
This kind man was a winner.

But now his show is jeopardized.
What made it great is gone.
Without the host we grew to love,
will it continue on?

The answer is not on the board.
So there can be no question.
I guess I’ll have to wait and see
and stay tuned to my station.

Saluting the Home Team

Honoring our veterans on Veterans Day

Today we honor those who played
the enduring game of freedom.
Proudly wearing
their helmet and the home team uniform,
they defended the goal of liberty.

The line of scrimmage kept changing…
from natural grass turf
to muddy bunkers
to sandy beaches
to rice paddies
to sun-baked deserts.
But no matter the conditions,
these veteran players
remained resolute
in keeping the opposing team from scoring.

Grass-stained and bloodied,
mentally fatigued and bone weary,
at times carted off the field in pain,
these players proved their courage
as we watched their will to win.

And on this day
we salute their service.
Grateful fans in our great nation
line the streets in every city and town
cheering as these veterans pass by
in a virtual parade.

The Key to Post-Election Divisions

Finding seeds of friendship in common ground

Election Day has come and gone.
And yet divisions linger on.
There is an aftertaste of sorts
that’s bitter on our tongues.

We voiced our values, spoke our minds,
but in the process we were blind
to seeing those with different views
as worthy of our love.

We’re still at odds. Our hate’s still strong.
And though we think we’re right, we’re wrong
to treat another with disgrace
and take the lower road.

The issues are complex and deep.
The learning curve is long and steep.
But understanding is the key
that unlocks common dreams.

Black lives do matter. But there are more…
Those wrongly jailed. The working poor.
Aborted babies. Homeless teens.
Those hooked on opioids.

A COVID patient’s dying prayer
to have a family member there.
An honest cop whose hands are tied
from doing what he should.

When Christians try to share their faith,
they’re judged intolerant. But wait!
The First Amendment makes quite clear
they have the right to speak.

And Muslims who desire peace
(who pray that terrorism cease)
are often painted with a brush
reserved for those at war.

Lord, help us find some common ground
where seeds of friendship might be found
that we could irrigate with hope
and fertilize with trust.