Another Wake-up Call

A wounded Tiger contemplates his future

It seems that Tiger’s out-of-the-woods.
Yet will he golf again?
The “king of comebacks” likely will.
But when is up to him.

He could have died.
His wreck was bad.
God spared his life (it seems).
And once again a wounded Tiger
redefines his dreams.

He’s taking stock of what’s ahead.
A good thing for us all.
To focus on what matters most
and not a dimpled ball.

The Rush has Been Hushed

Remembering the voice of conservative Americans

He spoke his mind (and others too).
And even though his right-wing views
did not align with how I think,
he was a brilliant man.

In seven decades Rush achieved
what parents taught us to believe.
That we could reach our highest goals
if we’d but pay the price.

He dared to challenge status quos.
Hyperbole he often chose
to make his point and drive it home
(though often he was wrong).

But still and all, he entertained.
A one-man show known by first name.
A complicated talk-show host.
A friend to those I love.

A rush to judgment? There’s no cause.
You might detest Limbaugh’s applause,
but just because you disagreed
does not negate his worth.

Peace to his memory!

The Journey Begins

Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent

X marks the spot for all to see
a passport stamp for Calvary.
An ancient symbol and old words:
“Remember you are dust.”

This simple rite now calls to mind
the Lenten journey where I’ll find
a signpost to Christ’s suffering
and forty thought-filled days.

The smudge upon my wrinkled brow
will prompt me (as I humbly bow)
to recognize my fleeting years
and ponder what is next.

The cross that crowns my aging face
reminds me of God’s timeless grace
made possible by One who died
and rose again for me.

Ministry Reimagined

How the church will look post-COVID

Our world has changed.
So too the means
to reach the least and lost.
I’m virtually beside myself
midst COVID’s mounting cost.

I miss the handshakes and the hugs
of those within my flock.
I long for times within their homes.
But, hey, we’d best take stock.

Has “doing church” as we have done
been one more causality?
Has COVID claimed
both lives and plans?
That’s what it seems to me.

Must we rethink
the bottom line
of what we’re all about?
Can we discern what’s time to go
and what still has the clout?

Is online worship here to stay?
Are chat rooms now the norm?
Will YouTube music take the place
of praise on Sunday morn?

What’s next will likely be a mix
of virtual and not.
We must make peace
with our new world.
Accept what COVID’s wrought.

I’m guessing what is past is past.
It seems “new wine” awaits.
So while there’s time let’s find new skins
before it is too late.

The Fabric of Democracy

Celebrating the strength of our diversity

The fabric of democracy
may fray but never tear
though terrorized by those outside or in.
The warp and woof of freedom
boast a strength we can’t ignore
as we focus on what makes us one again.

God, unite us as a nation.
Join the pieces of our past
to create a quilt of beauty fringed with pride.
Heal the wounds that we’ve created
by our arrogance and hate.
Give us grace to listen to the other side.

Yes, Lord, teach us Kingdom values
as we work for peace on earth.
Help us ask ourselves “Just what would Jesus do?”
Prompt us to take risks at loving.
Shield our hearts from cold despair.
Guide our gaze that we might fix our eyes on You.