On God’s Green Earth

Resolutions for Earth Day

On God’s green earth on which we live
we’re called to do our part and give
attention to what robs God’s world
of dignity and health.

On God’s green earth where trash compounds
let’s treat our world like holy ground.
Remove the litter others leave.
Recycle when you can.

On God’s green earth that we call home,
we can’t behave like we’re alone.
We share this place with plants and birds,
with animals and fish.

On God’s green earth where oceans rise
and rivers flow beneath the skies,
we’d best protect to them while we can.
Our water fuels our lives.

On God’s green earth where climate change
can cause our weather to be strange,
we can’t afford to close our eyes
and blindly just pretend.

On God’s green earth, the trees stand tall
and beg for mercy. After all,
if we clear cut and chop at will
we will in time regret.

On God’s green earth we have a choice
to hear our Great Creator’s voice
or close our ears to what God says
and reap what we have sown.

On God’s green earth there is still time.
You do your part and I’ll do mine.
Let’s take responsibility
and do the best we can.

On God’s green earth, I do resolve
that I will be a means to solve
the problems that have plagued our globe.
The planet that we love.