To a Field of Dreams

Memorial Day ponderings

To a field of dreams
where heroes sleep
I’m drawn.

To a park punctuated by
marble markers
(too often taken for granite)
I drive.

To a garden of freedom
irrigated by the blood of the brave,
I go.

Memorial Day is more than a day
to display our flag
while barbecuing burgers and brats.
It’s a time for decorating graves
while freeing gratitude
that has been enslaved too long.

Memorial Day is more than a day off.
It is a day on which we pin our hopes
for ongoing freedoms
(we mindlessly enjoy)
that could be taken from us
if we fail to recall
the price tag
others were willing to pay.

On this Memorial Day 
may the dreams of those who sleep
(awaiting Gabriel’s reveille)
become our dreams as well.