The Man and His Music

Celebrating the Legacy of Ralph Carmichael

Black horned-rimmed glasses, long white hair.
I’d recognize him anywhere.

A heart for God and young folk, too.
He touched my life but never knew.

For Pete’s sake! Ralph gave our faith wings.
His upbeat praise songs helped us sing.

A restless one? I think he was
‘cause Ralph was bored with hymn-drum blahs.

This gifted bulb was soon root-bound
and could not flourish underground.

Ralph’s blades and shoots broke through the sod.
This rebel was a gift from God.

His plant grew up. Became a tree.
The rest they say is history.

From first violin to Big Band king,
Ralph Carmichael was everything.

He’s everything to me and you
because he saw we needed new.

I sing his praises though he’s gone.
Because of Ralph, the song goes on!

The man and his music both brought us deep joy.
Ralph Carmichael gave grace a voice.
Composing, arranging, conducting and such,
Ralph wired our hearts to rejoice.

With Mar at his side, this musician of note
continued to show us the score.
The soundtrack for living that flowed from his pen
was embellished with grace notes galore.

I’m just one of those grateful for what Ralph has wrought.
There are millions who counted him friend.
A friend who inspired our childlike faith
through his music again and again.

There is a thoughtful article on Ralph Carmichael’s life and work, including a few videos. Use this link to Christianity Today:
Composer Who Fought for Freedom of Christian Music