A Weekly Deadline

Facing a blank screen week after week is a challenge

Every week I have a deadline,
an assignment (self imposed)
to create a poem couched in current times
And it isn’t always easy
to find something wise to say
or to find a worthy reason for a rhyme.

Still, it’s my prayer that God will give me
poignant words to help someone
as they contemplate their world or stressful life.
In a simple rhyming poem,
focus comes to what’s been blurred.
Inner peace can take the place of nagging strife.

So I choose to battle deadlines
and the angst of empty thoughts
as I face a wordless screen from time to time.
Twenty years of weekly poems
fuels my hope that words will come
and that somehow in some way I’ll weave a rhyme.

In the Bleak Midwinter (revisited)

A hymn for the hum-drum days of winter

As we face the bleak midwinter
and the angst of sunless days,
dark emotions drain our joy ducts
when depression stalks its prey.
Lord of light please shine upon us.
Bathe us with Your warmth we pray.

As we navigate the puddles
in the place where joy once played,
it is hard to sense Your presence,
when our hearts are cold and gray.
Lord of light please shine upon us.
Bathe us with Your warmth we pray.

As we wait with hope for springtime
when joy blossoms day by day
we acknowledge our dependence
on Your knowledge of our way.
Lord of light please shine upon us.
Bathe us with Your warmth we pray.

Tune: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

A Celebrity Parade

Cultural heroes are leaving us almost daily

We’ve reached the age where the front page
resembles a parade
of heroes gone who still live on
through what they did or made.

Each day we grieve for those who leave
this world (but not our hearts).
But let’s be clear. Our death draws near.
Today our swan-song starts!

So may our song (though short or long)
be voiced with honesty.
May what we sing reduce the sting
of life’s brutalities.

Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count!

It’s the Year of the Lion

Listening for Alsan in Everyday Life

When God speaks,
I want to hear
against the backdrop of constant distractions.

Amid the din of doing life
in the midst of mounting pressures
and maintaining routines
(all the while pursuing dreams),
I want to sense His presence
and hear the essence of His heart.

When God speaks,
I want to know what He is saying.
And even if it means a moratorium from praying
(because my words can often get in the way),
I am willing to be still
to know that He is God.

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