A Prayer for All Saints Sunday

This week we remember those who passed away this past year

They left us this year
by the doorway of death.
And we miss them, dear God, how we do.
The memories they leave us
help smooth grief’s long road.
How I wish that this journey was through.

But mem’ries alone
cannot silence or quell
the deep ache in our hearts that we feel.
A loss is a loss
even though time has passed.
But admitting our pain helps us heal.

O God, on this day 
when we ponder our friends 
who have dented our lives with their love,
please comfort our sorrow
as only You can
with the hope of reunions above. 

The image that accompanies this post is by my good friend Timothy R. Botts. Check out his website at https://www.timbottscalligraphy.com/