Take Up Your Cross: An Ash Wednesday Reflection

A lesser known painting by Warner Sallman pictures Jesus walking with his disciples

“Take up your cross and follow me
along the road of suffering
where selfish pride is crucified,
where faith takes root and grows.

“From dust you’ve come and shall return,
but in the meantime try to learn
how self-denial leads to trust
and patience proves God’s grace.”

“Come walk with me,” I hear him say.
“Beware of bandits on the way
that trip you up and steal your joy
and rob you of your worth.

“But as we journey side-by-side,
I’ll keep you safe if you’ll abide
in who I am and what I say.
My love will lead you home!”

A more well-known painting of Jesus by Warner Sallman is simply known as Sallman’s Head of Christ. https://covchurch.org/2016/02/08/a-head-of-his-time/