Mary and Martha (Revisited)

Advice to Martha Stewart and others imprisoned by ambition

It’s a good thing, Martha really,
that you’re doing time.
You can write a book in prison
all about your crime.

You can counsel other inmates
on their cell decor.
Maybe even paint the big house
and its bar-clad door.

Why not contemplate your options
when you’re finally free?
What if you became like Mary
at the Savior’s knee?

You’d do well to pause and listen
to what God might say.
Isn’t that what you’ve been missing
with your break-neck ways?

Always busy making money.
Always on the go.
Never having time for family
Never saying no.

Always frantic in the kitchen.
Always on TV.
Never thinking that you’ve made it.
Never waiving fees.

Like the Martha in the Bible
you’ve been self-absorbed.
Why not opt to be like Mary
leaning on the Lord?

Tell Him all your inner secrets.
Claim His promised grace.
Thank Him for the gift of prison
and its freeing pace.

Add up all your many blessings.
Take some time to sing.
Find the joy in simply living.
It’s a real good thing.