A Jack of All Trades

Pastor Jack Hayford died on January 8, 2023 at the age of eighty-eight

Jack Hayford was a preacher.
Just to hear him speak you’d think
you were standing in the presence of a king.
And when Jack would lead the hymns he wrote
we’d stand with upraised hands
and worship Christ the Savior as we’d sing.

Jack Hayford was an author.
Truths he’d gleaned within The Book
were planted first then watered on each page.
Jack helped us see our kinship
as the family of God
regardless of our gender or our age.

Jack Hayford was the leader
of the Foursquare Church at-large.
To the church of Aimee Semple he brought cred.
Jack helped show that Pentecostals
weren’t just feelings focused folk.
He was thoughtful in the things he wrote and read.

And Jack Hayford gave us Majesty.
I love that worship song.
In his lyrics he sees Christ upon the throne.
As His subjects we give honor
as we pay Him homage due
for the glories of His grace He has made known.  

Peace to his memory!

Going, Going, Gone!

Vin Scully, the beloved Dodgers play-by-play announcer waves goodbye

Dodger Blue is feeling blue. 
The broadcast booth is dark.
The man who brought the game to life
has sadly left the park.

He rounded third on Tuesday night  
and safely slid in home.
His well-lived life brought joy to ours.
But now we feel alone.

The prince of play-by-play has died.
Vin Scully has moved on.
That warm and winsome voice we loved 
is going, going, gone!

Peace to his memory!

A Letter from a Father in Heaven

Loving thoughts to a daughter from out of this world

My dearest daughter,

I know your heart is broken.
As the last words spoken between us
echo in your mind,
please know I’m not blind to your tears.

I can imagine your fears
of facing the challenges of tomorrows
without being able to pick up the phone and call me.

But as Jesus told his best friends
the night before He died,
“Don’t let your heart be troubled!
Don’t be afraid.”

This One in whose presence I now find joy
will never leave you or forsake you.
He will comfort you as only He can.
He will carry you when you are too weak to stand.
He will fill your heart with memories we made.
In the heat of death valley, He will be your shade.

Please know that the time and space between us

is only a temporary separation.
The gulf of grief will be spanned by grace.
It won’t be long until you see my face again.
Remember, a family reunion awaits.

In the meantime,
care for your mom.
Lean into your sorrow.
Embrace the ache.
Speak my name.
Look at my pictures.
Forgive my mistakes.
Honor my memory by the choices you make.

And each morning when you wake,
thank the Lord He placed us in the same family.
He graced us with the privilege of being father and daughter.
Be grateful He gave us each other
for the years that we shared on earth
(and the time we will have in Heaven).

Never forget how much I love you
and how proud I am to be your dad.
See you soon!