Robbed of Life

Another mass shooting finds us hugging our kids and looking to God

Uvalde grieves.
We all grieve
for children robbed of life
at Robb Elementary.

Children who came to school in a bus
and left in a hearse.
Could anything be worse?

It’s hard to imagine.
It’s hard to comprehend.
It’s hardly elementary.
It’s complicated.
It’s evil.

It’s a duplicate snapshot
of our wounded nation
that continues to hemorrhage from the inside out.

It’s a faded photograph
of a broken hearted country
still unable to breathe
on this second anniversary
of another
senseless act of violence.

It’s an image
that violates the value
with which those
made in the Creator’s image
were born.

Imago dei.
You and me.
In Uvalde and everywhere.
A human being
one with another.
A human being
enraged by violence.
A human being
open to the voice of God.

Speak, Lord, Your people are listening!

When Your Dog Dies

The pain of losing a family pet is indescribable

When you lose a pet a safety net
hangs helplessly below.
That stretched-out rope can’t offer hope
or stop death’s well-aimed blow.

When you lose a pet a safety net
can’t stop your falling tears.
On the day they die, you’re sure to cry
while wishing they were near.

When you lose a pet a safety net
can’t catch your broken heart.
The pain you feel can only heal
as time plays out its part.


When you lose a pet a safety net
can capture memories
of walks and runs and family fun
while romping by the sea.

When you lose a pet you can’t forget
those special times you had.
What once was true will comfort you
on days you’re feeling sad.

A Celebrity Parade

Cultural heroes are leaving us almost daily

We’ve reached the age where the front page
resembles a parade
of heroes gone who still live on
through what they did or made.

Each day we grieve for those who leave
this world (but not our hearts).
But let’s be clear. Our death draws near.
Today our swan-song starts!

So may our song (though short or long)
be voiced with honesty.
May what we sing reduce the sting
of life’s brutalities.

Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count!