Out of Many, One

It’s more than a motto on our money

Current events define us as a people.
But does the currency we carry in our pockets?

E Pluribus Unum.

It’s engraved on our money
that accounts for our wealth as a nation.
A wealth that has little to do
with our gross national product.
It doesn’t relate all that much
to the interest rates or market shares.
And it’s really not indicative of
saving plans,
pension funds
or even things we own.

E. Pluribus Unim

It’s a little three-word Latin phrase
that we haven’t lived up to recently.
It’s high time we heeded this motto
that has held us together in low times.
It’s time we remembered we will only thrive
when we celebrate our oneness
in the midst of diversity.

A Tribute to the Kid from Kansas

He modeled how the right and left can work together

Like the pineapple
with which we typically associate the name of Dole,
the kid from Russell, Kansas
could be prickly on the outside.

Bob Dole knew how to protect himself.
He had a sharp wit.
He did not suffer fools gladly.
But once you got inside his skin,
you’d quickly discover that
he was as sweet as they come.
This wounded veteran from middle America,
empathized with the common man.
This admired Senator was a born leader.
He became an American hero.

A man who spoke his mind,
Bob had the innate ability
to dole out both criticisms
and affirmations when deserved.

But unlike Paul Hollywood
(of The Great British Bakeoff fame),
this one whose death we grieve today
would never extend the right hand of fellowship.
His injuries from a righteous war
left him with the use of his right side.
Bob would have to learn to write with a hand
that had never previously held a pen.

This remarkable man would also teach us
what it meant to be ambidextrous in terms of relationship.
He was a capable of friendship with those
on both sides of the aisle.

Did I mention that a woman
by the name of Elizabeth
became the queen of his heart?
And from this earthly monarch,
Bob discovered what it meant
to submit to the rule of Heaven’s King.
As a loyal subject,
this kid from Kansas came to understand
what it means to be a child of God.

Peace to his memory!

The White House Race is a Mud Bowl

Just how low can they go?

Trump’s “locker room talk” in the Bush league
was disgraceful, demeaning and lewd.
And his running back (Mike Pence) is pensive
from his quarterback’s comments most crude.

Still Hillary isn’t much better.
She’s been intercepted a lot.
And those emails ruled out-of-bounds clearly
were illegal. Good thing she got caught.

This gridiron game is a mud bowl.
What’s slung by each team should be flagged.
The offensive lines are insulting.
They’re enough to make anyone gag.

Where’s the NFL commissioner when you need him?

O Say Can’t You Stand?

Questioning Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem

O say can’t you stand
when our flag is unfurled
though our nation is fraught
with both bias and hatred?
Don’t you owe some respect
though you have some regrets
for the rights you enjoy
and the blessings you cherish?

Colin, aren’t you aware
disrespect breeds despair
and the choices you make
may soon come back to haunt you?
O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave
o’er the land of the free
and the home of the brave!

*with apologies to Francis Scott Key

The Republican Party is Anything But

It’s more like a funeral wake

The Party of Abe Lincoln
has become a funeral wake.
The only punch that’s served are verbal jabs.
Trump and Cruz just keep on swinging
like two bullies at recess
while the right to lead our nation’s up for grabs.

The campaign trail is littered
with what stinks and often steams.
Every week there’s more to hate and less to love.
No one’s acting presidential.
Late night talk shows think it’s bliss
as they joke about what we’re all thinking of.

Honest Abe just can’t believe it.
He is turning in his grave.
Truth and decency has joined him six feet down.
The Democrats are giddy.
They smell vic’try in the air.
A GOP contender can’t be found.