The Winds of Wilmore

The recent revival at Asbury University is drawing international attention

Will the winds of Wilmore (gale force strong)
blow nationwide before too long?
The breezes of God’s Spirit are past due.
We need a Great Awakening,
where elders dream and young folks sing
of what the Lord in our day may yet do.

We need a mighty move of God.
And though the critics think it odd,
a touch of the Divine means “Listen up!”
to what the King of Kings demands
as kneeling subjects lift their hands
confessing ways our culture’s been corrupt.

And may our hearts be strangely warmed
as faith (on fire) is reborn.
Revive Your people, Holy God, we pray!
Breathe life and love within our souls.
Restore our hope and make us whole.
O Sovereign Lord, we’re willing! Have Your way!