Waiting for Worship

What does God have in mind for me today?

As I sit in silence
for the service to begin,
I wonder how the living Lord
might speak to me again.

Will it be the songs we sing
or in the pastor’s prayer?
It just might be the sermon
or a need somebody shares.

Maybe God will touch my heart
through laughter or a sigh,
or even through distractions
like a newborn’s hungry cry.

Whatever means God chooses
as He bends my ear His way,
I will worship God expectantly
for there’s something He will say.

Sitting by a Cozy Fire

There is just something about a blazing fire that warms the soul

Sitting by a cozy fire
listening to John Rutter’s choir
frees me from the quicksand mire
of daily life demands.

The dancing flames invite my gaze
and penetrate the inner haze
of foggy thoughts from stressful days
and deadlines yet unmet.

And in the fire’s warmth I find
a respite from the daily grind
and faith to trust when I am blind
to how God cares for me.

It’s the Year of the Lion

Listening for Alsan in Everyday Life

When God speaks,
I want to hear
against the backdrop of constant distractions.

Amid the din of doing life
in the midst of mounting pressures
and maintaining routines
(all the while pursuing dreams),
I want to sense His presence
and hear the essence of His heart.

When God speaks,
I want to know what He is saying.
And even if it means a moratorium from praying
(because my words can often get in the way),
I am willing to be still
to know that He is God.

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