A Poetic Month

April is National Poetry Month

April is that awesome month
when dogwoods start to bark.
It’s when our Uncle Sam collects his due.
It is the time we hear “play ball”
from umps behind the plate.
It is the month that poets write haiku.

It is the month we celebrate
that winter’s finally gone.
We marvel at spring flowers in full bloom.
And it’s the month we recognize
our planet on Earth Day
as butterflies emerge from their cocoons.

But most of all this month is known
for what God did for us
upon a cross and in an empty grave…
a Holy Week that culminates
in resurrection praise
as Christians ‘round the world sing Jesus Saves.

And so I aim to “seize the day”
to live what I profess
embracing hope when darkness hides the sun.
This month invites us to believe
there’s more than meets the eye
with growing clues that new life has begun.

Let’s Hear it for Spring!

The beauty of spring is indescribable

Trapped in the drizzle of dark dreary days
we often are sad and depressed.
Held hostage by winter, we plead for release
while stir-crazy, housebound and stressed.

The long nights of winter have taken their toll.
We dream of the day we’re set free
to dance with spring flowers and bathe in the sun
and shade ‘neath a blossoming tree.

As Tevye the dairyman hoisted his cup,
he toasted L’chaim (“to life”).
With praise for the sunlight and springtime rebirth,
I join him with clarinet and fife.