“So Long, Wally Cleaver!”

Tony Dow’s death calls to mind the speed at which time passes

Just leave it to Beaver to shed a few tears.
It doesn’t surprise me. For so many years
his big brother Wally was his best friend and more.
But now his big brother is gone.

So long Wally Cleaver. So long Ward and June.
So long Eddie Haskell. You left us too soon.
Our “Leave it to Beaver-ville” won’t be the same
with “The Beave” all alone by himself.

Yes, Tony Dow’s death made the news yesterday.
It makes our hearts grieve when celebs pass away.
Those we followed as fam’ly, we watched faithfully.
No wonder it’s hard when they die.

Their deaths are reminders that we’re growing old.
That each day’s a gift that’s more precious than gold.
That now is the best time to tell those we love
how we feel about them while we can.