Becoming Like Children

This is a photo of Greg Asimakoupoulos
sitting at his pastor-father’s typewriter

“Become like children,” Jesus said.
“Remember who you were.
Wide-eyed with wonder, innocent and shy.
Acknowledging dependence
on that Someone whom you trust.
Accepting more than always asking “why?”

Childlike-faith is what we’re called to.
Resting in our Father’s arms.
Trusting in His vantage point that we can’t see.
Making peace with limitations,
while believing dreams come true
and believing I am loved for being me.

With their arms upraised, small children
reach for Someone whom they love.
Hands aimed Heavenward 
convey what’s deep inside.
Unconditional affection,
longing to be cradled tight
in those strong inviting arms that beckon wide.

There are shadows on life’s highway
that we just cannot avoid.
Unexpected times of darkness hide the sun.
Death and illness. Loss and sorrow.
Doubts that linger through the night.
And those nagging fears that question what’s to come.

Still the shadows offer contrast,
give perspective. They provide
a point of reference for God’s faithfulness.
In the shadows we are privy
to the promises of grace
that remind us God is with us in our stress.

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When God Speaks
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