Shark Tank

Where dreams refresh to drown

Shark Tank is a risky place
where those with patents swim.
They hope to hear the sharks express
two hopeful words: “I’m in!”

It is a tank where countless try
to sell what they’ve conceived
with dreams that when they’ve done their best
the sharks will have believed.

But sadly most within the tank
are turned away dejected
because their grand amazing scheme
is heartlessly rejected.

“Just don’t give up,” I want to say.
“Don’t let five strangers win.
There’s bound to be a sixth one who
will someday say, “I’m in!”

Hillary’s Last Hurrah?

Questioning a questionable candidate’s candidacy

The Presidential race begins
and Hillary’s convinced she’ll win
in spite of smart phone ignorance
that’s given cause for pause.

She claims a mandate. She must run!
She feels the female’s time has come
to occupy the oval space
as queen upon her throne.

But I for one am not so sure
that what our nation needs is her.
It’s not the time for looking back.
It’s time to look ahead!

The Game of Life

It’s more than just a board game

The game of Life can be quite fun
until (at last) it’s finally done.
And then when we’ve had one last turn
it all goes in the box.

Much like Monopoly is played
we buy and sell and sometimes trade.
And even when we’ve earned a lot,
it goes back in the box.

Like Scattergories and Taboo,
life’s filled with Risk for me and you.
We can be Sorry when the pieces
go back in the box.

It’s Trivial Pursuit at best.
We haven’t got a Clue unless
we get a Yahtzee just before
it goes back in the box.

But life is more than just a game
and that is why the Savior came
so we can know the final score
before we’re in a box. 

A Life of Possibilities Has Been Realized

Remembering the remarkable ministry of Dr. Robert Schuller

He helped me turn my scars to stars.
He taught me how to dream.
Though far from perfect, Dr. Schuller
gave my best thoughts wings.

He said, “A shoe should not dictate
how large a foot can grow.”
He showed me how to grow my church
and fast when growth was slow.

The Christmas pageants he put on
had camels and the like.
The flying angels seemed quite real,
their wires out-of-sight.

And Easter he would bring to life
much like a passion play.
A life-size cross, an empty tomb
and a stone that rolled away.

Near Disneyland Doc Schuller’s church
gave ears to hear God speak.
His Hour of Power televised
a message for the weak.

A life of possibilities
he challenged me to see.
He helped me open doors locked shut
by showing me the key.

That key was faith. The very key
Bob clutched with baited breath
as he heard Jesus call his name
and closed his eyes in death.