A Life of Possibilities Has Been Realized

Remembering the remarkable ministry of Dr. Robert Schuller

He helped me turn my scars to stars.
He taught me how to dream.
Though far from perfect, Dr. Schuller
gave my best thoughts wings.

He said, “A shoe should not dictate
how large a foot can grow.”
He showed me how to grow my church
and fast when growth was slow.

The Christmas pageants he put on
had camels and the like.
The flying angels seemed quite real,
their wires out-of-sight.

And Easter he would bring to life
much like a passion play.
A life-size cross, an empty tomb
and a stone that rolled away.

Near Disneyland Doc Schuller’s church
gave ears to hear God speak.
His Hour of Power televised
a message for the weak.

A life of possibilities
he challenged me to see.
He helped me open doors locked shut
by showing me the key.

That key was faith. The very key
Bob clutched with baited breath
as he heard Jesus call his name
and closed his eyes in death.