Enough is Enough!

A poetic plea for election reform

In Iowa the candidates
are clocking countless miles
in hopes come caucus night they will have won.
The Hawkeye State is first in line
while others wait their turn
until this long election year is done.

We’re weary of this war of words
reported in the news.
The sound bytes from each camp are deafening.
The money spent’s ungodly
and it’s such a waste of time
while our trust in who is running’s lessening.

Why can’t we learn from Canada?
Six weeks is what’s allowed
for those who want to win to plead their case.
A 10k run is long enough.
Who needs a marathon?
And yet that’s what we have… a two year race!

An Eagle has Landed

Remembering the musical artistry of Glenn Frey

An Eagle has landed
and his landing proved sad.
“Take it easy” they say
but we’re missing this lad
who flew with Don Henley
and taught us to sing
of hotels and new kids
and peaceful feelings.

And one of these nights
I’m sure you all know
we’ll come to our senses
singing “Desperado.”

We “boomers” are mourning
this Eagle who died.
He reached to the limit
as lyin eyes cried.

The heat is on, sadly.
There’s heartache tonight.
Glenn Frey was a genius.
That songbird was bright.

The State of the Union (Revisited)

Contemplating the health of our nation, marriage and relationship with God

So what is the state of the union?
It depends on what union you mean.
When it comes to our nation there’s schism.
There are blue states and red ones and green.

But what of the state of your marriage?
Is it marked by contentious regrets?
Is there lack of forgiveness and rancor?
Are there words that you’d like to forget?

Or is it a union of soulmates?
Of partners who strive every day
to work through their issues by listening
and pausing in silence to pray?

And what of the state of your prayer life?
Is it marked by the wonder of grace?
Are your prayers empty phrases and “gimmes”
or candidly seeking God’s face?

Bottom line, what is true of our unions
depends on the work that’s involved.
In our nation, our marriage, or prayer life,
faith at work finds dilemmas resolved.

El Niño Has a Calling Card

Pondering the devastation in his wake

El Niño has a calling card
he tends to leave behind.
And what is left when he moves on is bad.
His flooding waters devastate.
His weather is berserk.
The cost in lives and property is sad.

What’s worse is that he’s here to stay
for six to nine long months.
This uninvited visitor is rude.
He’s not content to just behave.
He’s ornery and brash.
El Niño loves to fuel a global feud.