The State of the Union (Revisited)

Contemplating the health of our nation, marriage and relationship with God

So what is the state of the union?
It depends on what union you mean.
When it comes to our nation there’s schism.
There are blue states and red ones and green.

But what of the state of your marriage?
Is it marked by contentious regrets?
Is there lack of forgiveness and rancor?
Are there words that you’d like to forget?

Or is it a union of soulmates?
Of partners who strive every day
to work through their issues by listening
and pausing in silence to pray?

And what of the state of your prayer life?
Is it marked by the wonder of grace?
Are your prayers empty phrases and “gimmes”
or candidly seeking God’s face?

Bottom line, what is true of our unions
depends on the work that’s involved.
In our nation, our marriage, or prayer life,
faith at work finds dilemmas resolved.