The Gospel According to Mark Few

Imagining what Gonzaga’s coach wants to say to his players

We’ve zigged and zagged all season long
to prove we really do belong.
And through March Madness we have fought
to reach the Final Four.

Our guys are few and far between
and mark my words “We’ll reach our dream
if we relax and play OUR game
with faith that we will win.

Take time to center down and pray.
Thank God we have the right to play.
And thank Him for a school that has
its roots in what is good.

Like David with his five smooth stones,
our team of five has clearly shown
Goliath has good cause to fear.
It is Gonzaga’s time!”

Go Zags!

A Sermon in a Cherry Tree

The arrival of Spring trumpets the truth of Easter

The blossoms on our cherry tree
bear witness to the fact
that Old Man Winter’s death has been confirmed.
The rumors of his final days
proved more than gossiping.
Just ask the robin pulling at a worm.

Yes, winter’s given way to spring
(and just in time me thinks).
The toll the snow and cold took was intense.
The endless weeks of winter’s woes
found joy in short supply.
Those nonstop sunless days would make me wince.

But now a smile frames my face.
There’s evidence of life
as light and color warm my thawing bones.
The truth of Easter’s not reserved
for just one holy day.
Spring trumpets “death is trumped by Christ alone.”

The Best is Yet to Be

Thanking God for technology

“Grow old with me,” the poet wrote.
“The best is yet to be.”
The good old days weren’t all that great.
On that can’t we agree?

No Microsoft. No internet.
No iPhone or iPad.
No Amazon or Trader Joes.
Good Lord! We had it bad!

No Skype or DVR.
No blue tooth hands-free key-less locks.
We really have come far.

Technology has graced our lives
with comfort, ease and speed.
Compared to what our parents had,
we’re blest. Aren’t we agreed?

But don’t forget the things they prized
that just might slip away.
Like quiet strolls, board games at night
and taking time to pray.

So as we age and look ahead,
let’s mine the past for gold
while keeping up on what’s to come
as you and I grow old.

The Lord is My Musher

Lessons of faith from the perspective of a sled dog

The Lord is my musher.
I’m part of His team.
He makes sure I take time to rest.
At checkpoints He feeds me
and offers me drink.
No wonder I give Him my best.

O’er trails of His leading,
He coaxes me on.
And when shadows darken my way,
I will not be fearful
for He is in charge.
Contented, I want to obey.

My bowl overflows
with the proof of His care.
My weary bones welcome His touch.
And as I draw near
to the end of my race,
He whispers I’m loved very much.

Yes, goodness and mercy
both bark at my heels.
They’ll follow me all the way home.
And when I have reached
the burl arch of my life,
I know God will call me His own.

La La Land is More Than a Movie

Hollywood seduces young dreamers with nightmares

In La La Land bright flood lights shine
on that most famous hillside sign
that points us to a tinseled town
where sidewalk stars are born.

In La La Land you sing and dance
in hopes that you will have a chance
to make your mark in Hollywood
and see your name in lights.

In La La Land you live your dreams
without a sense of what it means
to feed your ego, starve your soul
and rent a wedding ring.

In La La Land you have to choose
what you are willing most to lose.
The one who promised you their heart?
Or promised you a role?