The Lord is My Musher

Lessons of faith from the perspective of a sled dog

The Lord is my musher.
I’m part of His team.
He makes sure I take time to rest.
At checkpoints He feeds me
and offers me drink.
No wonder I give Him my best.

O’er trails of His leading,
He coaxes me on.
And when shadows darken my way,
I will not be fearful
for He is in charge.
Contented, I want to obey.

My bowl overflows
with the proof of His care.
My weary bones welcome His touch.
And as I draw near
to the end of my race,
He whispers I’m loved very much.

Yes, goodness and mercy
both bark at my heels.
They’ll follow me all the way home.
And when I have reached
the burl arch of my life,
I know God will call me His own.