The Greatest Show on Earth Lives On

Performing acts of kindness wins the day

The greatest show on earth
is not a circus ‘neath a tent.
The acts that mean the most are what we do.
To show a little kindness
or to listen with our hearts.
To sit beside someone whose days are few.

The kind of acts that “wow” the crowd
aren’t those on high trapeze.
Performing acts of mercy wins the day.
To help a widow in her grief
or serve a refugee
are acts that keep Christ’s critics held at bay.

I’d rather see a show of love
than just a show of hands.
To vote is easy. Doing right is tough.
To show God’s grace to those denied
the privileges of wealth
is really good, but that is not enough.

To advocate for those maligned
or protest against hate
are acts that our Creator would applaud.
When values become visible,
we show the world our faith
and point towards the loving heart of God.

Hold the Phone

If only The Donald would do just that

Our President is quick to tweet
when he’s upset while we’re asleep.
His twitter-pating heart attacks
and takes our breath away.

His frenzied fingers type at will.
His spinning mind is never still.
Trump streams his conscious thoughts through tweets
that trump what’s rational.

If only he would hold the phone
and voice his thoughts to God alone
He just might sleep more peacefully.
And likely we would, too.

My Daughter’s Now a Mother

Contemplating a first Mother’s Day

My daughter’s now a mother
with a daughter of her own.
The one I carried cradles one she loves.
Last Mother’s Day we first would learn
that Ally was with-child.
Amazing news as if from God above.

A baby is a miracle.
The one that you conceive
as well as those conceived by those you’ve birthed.
Miraculous. Breathtaking.
Tiny replicas of grace.
They are Heaven’s richest blessings here on earth.

This Mother’s Day I thank the Lord
for wonders to behold.
My beautiful granddaughter with her mom.
The way my wife just beams with pride
to see our progeny.
A pieta of comfort, peace and calm.

God, Bless America Again

A supplication for the National Day of Prayer

God, bless America again
as we confess our corporate sin
and realize we don’t deserve
the bounty we enjoy.

God, guide our leaders as they lead
and give them everything they need
to take the time to strive for peace
in this chaotic time.

God, stretch our hearts as we make room
for those who flee from terror’s doom
and those who need a helping hand
to stand and start once more.

God, grace us with the means to see
beyond ourselves that we might be
a flame of hope that offers light
to those in dark despair.

God, bless America again
as we reflect on where we’ve been
so we’ll become what we have dreamed.
One nation under You.