The Greatest Show on Earth Lives On

Performing acts of kindness wins the day

The greatest show on earth
is not a circus ‘neath a tent.
The acts that mean the most are what we do.
To show a little kindness
or to listen with our hearts.
To sit beside someone whose days are few.

The kind of acts that “wow” the crowd
aren’t those on high trapeze.
Performing acts of mercy wins the day.
To help a widow in her grief
or serve a refugee
are acts that keep Christ’s critics held at bay.

I’d rather see a show of love
than just a show of hands.
To vote is easy. Doing right is tough.
To show God’s grace to those denied
the privileges of wealth
is really good, but that is not enough.

To advocate for those maligned
or protest against hate
are acts that our Creator would applaud.
When values become visible,
we show the world our faith
and point towards the loving heart of God.