Basking in the Glow

Take time to reflect on the meaning of Christmas

Don’t rush to pack-up Christmas
or to curb your tree too soon.
Take time to meditate amid the lights.
Allow yourself the luxury
of basking in the glow
that emanated from God’s heart that night.

The spirit of the season
lasts for more than just one day.
A birth points to a life that yet awaits.
What matters most is what comes next
as days give way to years.
For that is what Christ’s Advent celebrates.

The Christmas spirit fuels our joy
and prompts us to express
the love we feel for others as we give.
The essence of this season
sparks a flame for being kind
and calls to mind how we should always live.

Joseph, Did You Know?

Posing questions to the earthly father of Jesus

Joseph, did you know…
that being a descendant of King David
would prove to be a taxing situation?

Joseph, did you know…
that carpenters do their best work
when they rely on Another’s blueprints?

Joseph, did you know…
that Mary was telling you the truth
when she insisted she was still a virgin
although pregnant?

Joseph, did you know…
that an unsettling nightmare
(given a little time)
can become a dream come true?

Joseph, did you know…
that obeying God can complicate your life
rather than making it more simple?

Joseph, did you know…
that, while your flight to Egypt
didn’t result in lost luggage,
the resultant loss of life was unimaginable?

Joseph, did you know…
that you would be impersonated
by countless little boys in bathrobes
each December two-millennia after your death?

Joseph, did you know…
that your infant son
(the one whom you named Jesus)
would one day stain the world with His blood?

Joseph, did you know…
that the true meaning of Jesus’ birth
would only make sense
in light of His death (and resurrection)?

May I Be Frank, Mr. President?

Challenging a double standard in the Oval Office

May I be frank? Though Franken fall,
our President cannot stand tall
and judge the guilty when he’s bragged
about his escapades.

A double standard? So it seems.
Those victimized have cause to steam.
The measure used to mete out blame
should be the same for all.

The day for reckoning has come.
For everyone, not just for some.
If Mr. Trump had broken laws,
then he should pay the price. 

Salvator Mundi

Not the painting but the Person

The image of the Unseen
is a priceless work of art.
He’s a masterpiece of wondrous love and grace.
In this portrait of compassion,
you can see Whom angels praise.
We’ve a glimpse of God within this humble face.

The Savior of the world remains
a treasure to behold.
His value is affirmed today as then.
Appraisers who have met Him
forfeit everything they have
so to own what’s freely offered to all men.

I speak not of Da Vinci,
though his portrait is divine.
The image I am thinking of is Christ.
He is a living icon
who is worthy of our all
though falsely framed by Judas for a price.

So let me bid you take Him
while there still is time to choose.
Before too long we’ll hear the gavel sound.
Going once, then twice, then one more time
before your chance is gone
to own this One in Whom true wealth is found.

When the Newsman Becomes News

Lamenting yet another fallen hero

Another anchor bites the dust
and all because of carnal lust.
A newsman became news himself
as we turned on Today.

First Charlie and now Matt are gone
because the things they did were wrong.
Succumbing to an untamed beast,
they reaped what they had sown.

More stars are likely yet to fall
as those harassed at last tell all.
The iceberg’s tip is all we’ve seen.
I wonder who’ll be next.

But lest we simply shake our heads,
we’d best look deep within instead.
When we admit our weaknesses,
we can (through faith) be strong.