Salvator Mundi

Not the painting but the Person

The image of the Unseen
is a priceless work of art.
He’s a masterpiece of wondrous love and grace.
In this portrait of compassion,
you can see Whom angels praise.
We’ve a glimpse of God within this humble face.

The Savior of the world remains
a treasure to behold.
His value is affirmed today as then.
Appraisers who have met Him
forfeit everything they have
so to own what’s freely offered to all men.

I speak not of Da Vinci,
though his portrait is divine.
The image I am thinking of is Christ.
He is a living icon
who is worthy of our all
though falsely framed by Judas for a price.

So let me bid you take Him
while there still is time to choose.
Before too long we’ll hear the gavel sound.
Going once, then twice, then one more time
before your chance is gone
to own this One in Whom true wealth is found.