A Prayer for Memorial Day

Remembering fallen heroes with grateful hearts

We’ve gathered in this park-like place
reminded of Your timeless grace
displayed upon a rugged cross
and in an empty tomb.

Your grace reminds us as we grieve
it’s not our loved ones that we leave
but simply earth-suits that they wore
before they changed their clothes.

These stones engraved within the grass
remind us every time we pass
that life is brief and death is sure
and we’d best be prepared.

Each chiseled marker grand or plain
recalls a soldier with a name
who left their mark in history
before they fell asleep.

And with this sleeping company
awaiting Gabriel’s reveille,
we fix our hope on what’s to come
and look to You alone.

And so, dear God, remind us now
(as we with grateful hearts now bow)
that death has paid the price for life,
that “freedom isn’t free”.

Happy Birthday, Israel

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of modern Israel’s birth

On May 14th of ’48
(against the backdrop of much hate),
the promised land was realized
as Israel was born.

Another exodus occurred
in keeping with God’s holy Word.
Survivors of the holocaust
escaped a living hell.

So to “The Land” the homeless came,
an ancient homeland to reclaim.
A dream come true provided hope
for these who’d been dispersed.

Where David reigned (Jerusalem)
was in the headlines once again.
A city of shalom for all?
Well, only time would tell.

And so this week as we recall
the Jews return to ancient walls,
we pray for peace where war has raged
since Abraham arrived.

  • “Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return and come with singing unto Zion and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads…” Isaiah 35:10

A Tribute to Wingless Angels

In recognition of National Nurses Week

They’re angels of mercy and kindness.
And though they lack halos and wings,
these men and these women do wonders
that make our Creator’s heart sing.

Their service is often unnoticed.
They rarely hear what they deserve.
But nurses are those God intended
to comfort the sick and calm nerves.

Let’s hear it for uniformed angels,
our nurses and CNAs, too.
We can’t really do life without them.
They make the world better. It’s true!

A National Day of Prayer

Is it really what we claim?

We pledge “one nation under God”
but isn’t that a passing nod
to One who’s blessed us far beyond
the depths that we deserve?

Today is called “A Day of Prayer.”
And yet how many really care?
Are churches, mosques and synagogues
unlocked for those with faith?

If ever we had cause to pray
beseeching God to bend our way
it is this season in our land
when headlines stalk our hope.

May vain deceivers who conceal
be brought to light (the truth revealed)
and may our leaders turn to God
acknowledging their sin.

May we who follow those who lead
confront our prejudice and greed.
And may we ask Almighty God
to heal what now divides.