A Prayer for Memorial Day

Remembering fallen heroes with grateful hearts

We’ve gathered in this park-like place
reminded of Your timeless grace
displayed upon a rugged cross
and in an empty tomb.

Your grace reminds us as we grieve
it’s not our loved ones that we leave
but simply earth-suits that they wore
before they changed their clothes.

These stones engraved within the grass
remind us every time we pass
that life is brief and death is sure
and we’d best be prepared.

Each chiseled marker grand or plain
recalls a soldier with a name
who left their mark in history
before they fell asleep.

And with this sleeping company
awaiting Gabriel’s reveille,
we fix our hope on what’s to come
and look to You alone.

And so, dear God, remind us now
(as we with grateful hearts now bow)
that death has paid the price for life,
that “freedom isn’t free”.