Whatever the Weather

Submitting to the power of Mother Nature

Whether the weather
that we’re called to weather
is a scorching heat wave or it’s rain,
the weather we whether
like a ball on a tether
is a here-again there-again game.

The weather spawns fires and flooding.
There’re tornadoes and rip tides and drought.
And the weather we weather
whatever the weather
reminds us who’s boss. It has clout!

Whatever the weather
that we’re forced to weather,
it’s obvious who is in charge.
The weather we weather
still finds us together
admitting we’re small and it’s large.

A Way with Words

Exposing President Trump’s verbal challenges

A way with words, that’s what he has.
A way that topples trust.
His use of “fine” and “really great.”
His tendency to cuss.

The way he speaks then walks words back.
I wish his words stood still.
I wish they were not Jell-O like.
Their movement leaves me ill.

I wish we could believe the man
and take Trump at his word.
But much of what we hear him say
is basically absurd.

His way with words is hardly paved.
It’s primitive at best.
It’s marked by mud that’s often slung
and stones he throws when pressed.

The Word Cup in a Cave

Celebrating the rescue of the Thailand soccer team

The world’s been watching soccer teams.
“The Cup” awaits, but still…
there was one team for whom the odds
were stacked against their will.

Defeat seemed sure for those young lads.
All hope was gone and then…
The “come-back kids” would not give up
determined they would win.

The world not only watched and prayed,
the world (united) sent
a team of divers who would search
the caves for one small hint.

That hint was found. So, too, the boys.
Praise God! The boys came out.
And while the World Cup fuels our joy,
it’s this that makes us shout:

A common goal (this miracle)
has linked our world as one.
Our globe is but one family
when all is said and done.

The Lord of all nations be praised!

Let’s Hear It for Liberty!

Celebrating our independence takes more than just one day

There’s a statue in a harbor
and her name is Liberty.
She stands tall for all the things that we hold dear.
A government of people who
(by rule of law) decide
what’s permitted, what is not and what’s to fear.

And she symbolizes freedom
in a world that’s torn by terror.
She stands up for peace (enlightening the world),
for the torch within her right hand
dispels darkness and helps guide
those who pledge allegiance to our flag unfurled.

She stands tall
and (though she’s silent), she invites the poor and tired
to breathe new air and dream of being free.
Like the cross,
she stands triumphant
as a picture of new life
purchased by the blood that bought our liberty.