The Word Cup in a Cave

Celebrating the rescue of the Thailand soccer team

The world’s been watching soccer teams.
“The Cup” awaits, but still…
there was one team for whom the odds
were stacked against their will.

Defeat seemed sure for those young lads.
All hope was gone and then…
The “come-back kids” would not give up
determined they would win.

The world not only watched and prayed,
the world (united) sent
a team of divers who would search
the caves for one small hint.

That hint was found. So, too, the boys.
Praise God! The boys came out.
And while the World Cup fuels our joy,
it’s this that makes us shout:

A common goal (this miracle)
has linked our world as one.
Our globe is but one family
when all is said and done.

The Lord of all nations be praised!