Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

An amazing comeback for a disgraced golfer

Tiger Tiger burning bright
in the forest of delight.
Woods of metal, shafts of steel
vibrate with the joy you feel.

As you prowl the comeback trail
stalking fairways to prevail,
does your hunger fuel your fear
that your prey might disappear?

Tiger, Tiger, can you hear
those who love you as they cheer?
Can you hear God cheering, too?
Grace means we can start anew.

REF: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43687/the-tyger

Bert and Ernie are Not Gay!

Attempting to make sense of a senseless claim

Bert and Ernie are not gay.
No matter what some writers say.
They’re best of friends who love striped shirts.
Don’t read between the lines.

For fifty years this Muppet pair
have modeled what it means to care.
Although quite different, they are proof
that opposites attract.

They pave the way on Sesame Street
to show us what is kind and sweet.
And though they sometimes bicker,
these good buddies give and take.

Why must you make them poster kids
for same-sex causes? God forbid!
Don’t rewrite history just to make
these puppets speak for you.


A Prayer for Hurricane Victims

Asking God to calm the storm

Florence, Katrina,
Andrew, Camille,
Harvey and Sandy (and more)
have ransacked our lives
with abusive intent
and left (in their wake) untold horror.

Their fast, spinning winds
and their strong, surging surf
have relentlessly heartlessly wrenched
the calm peace of mind
from these poor stressed-out souls
as they leave hapless victims all drenched.

O God, for the victims
of hurricanes’ wrath,
I pray for Your presence to calm.
Please rescue the missing
and heal those who grieve
with Your life-giving long-lasting balm.

Are We Ready for Some Football?

A rhetorical question as the NFL season kicks off

Are we ready for some football?
Is the Pontiff Catholic?
Does our President like tweeting while we sleep?
Is the Queen still ruling Britain?
Are the Red Sox in first place?
Is an antidote for worry counting sheep?

Yes, of course, it’s time for kickoff.
Eight long months is long enough.
It is time to don our hometown gear with pride.
And despite the odds, we’re hopeful
that our team goes all the way.
A new season means luck might be on our side.