A New Year’s Eve Remembrance

Toasting friends and loved ones who have died

It’s New Year’s Eve! A time to grieve
for friends who left this year.
Let’s raise a glass for those who’ve passed
as we all shed a tear.

And as we cry for those who’ve died,
let’s also look ahead
with focused gaze to seek new ways
to honor those now dead.

May what we do this new year through
reflect their legacy
in what we say and give away
while showing empathy.

‘Twas the Day After Christmas

Looking back and looking forward

The families have gone.
The gifts put away.
One last look at the cards friends have sent.
I love the day after
to pause and reflect.
And as carols still play, I’m content.

It’s a day to be quiet
and sit by the fire
while sifting through memories we’ve made.
I’m grateful for photographs
faded and torn
that capture the past on parade.

It’s a day to be grateful
that Christmas extends
through the choices we make through the year.
The gift of our presence
with family and friends
is a treasure to those we hold dear.

A Near Silent Night

The bicentennial of the world’s most beloved carol

In 1818 Joseph Mohr
a rural parish priest
wrote lyrics for his church on Christmas Eve.
His simple words recalled a night
when Jesus Christ was born,
But sadly Pastor Mohr had cause to grieve.

The organ in his church broke down.
His words would have no tune.
This holy night would lack a joyful sound.
But then Franz Gruber had a thought
that brought Mohr’s words to life.
A Christmas Eve solution had been found.

Two hundred years ago this day
Mohr’s organist came through
by strumming chords upon his old guitar.
That’s how this carol (we love more
than others) came to be.
And Silent Night is still the best by far.

A Longest Night Lament

Prayer for a Blue Christmas

I hear Bing’s dreams of Christmas White.
But on this dreaded longest night,
my world lacks joy. At best, it’s bleak.
This Christmas I am blue.

The colors of this holiday
aren’t bright and bold. They’re brownish gray.
Depression robs my anguished soul
of sights most people see.

And no one seems to understand.
Emotionless, I’m feeling damned
to spend this Christmas feeling lost
but hoping to be found.

O God, although this night is long
remind me of that ancient song
in which You’re called Emmanuel.
Please come and ransom me.

  • This poem is dedicated to those who are struggling with clinical depression as they attempt to endure this holiday season.

I Herd the Shoppers

New lyrics to a familiar Christmas carol tune

I herd the shoppers with this rhyme
in hopes they still may find the time
to focus on a precious gift
not found in stores but Heaven sent.

I herd the shoppers at the mall
corralling them so they’ll recall
the meaning of this holy time
is more than standing in a line.

I herd the shoppers one by one
who run t’ward bargains almost gone.
My aim is to prevent regret
that’s found by adding to one’s debt.

I herd the shoppers on their way
t’ward undermining Christmas Day.
Like cattlemen out on the range
my efforts may seem harsh and strange.

I herd the shoppers with the goal
of helping lift the weary soul
who spends and spends without regard
for shopping with a credit card.

tune: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day