I Herd the Shoppers

New lyrics to a familiar Christmas carol tune

I herd the shoppers with this rhyme
in hopes they still may find the time
to focus on a precious gift
not found in stores but Heaven sent.

I herd the shoppers at the mall
corralling them so they’ll recall
the meaning of this holy time
is more than standing in a line.

I herd the shoppers one by one
who run t’ward bargains almost gone.
My aim is to prevent regret
that’s found by adding to one’s debt.

I herd the shoppers on their way
t’ward undermining Christmas Day.
Like cattlemen out on the range
my efforts may seem harsh and strange.

I herd the shoppers with the goal
of helping lift the weary soul
who spends and spends without regard
for shopping with a credit card.

tune: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day