A Royal Waste

Why Prince Harry’s decision seems over-the-top

To be a royal isn’t fun.
It is a royal pain.
If you ask Harry what he found so hard,
he’ll likely say the hand dealt him
was not a royal flush
while brother William held the winning cards.

Or then again, he might be quick
to criticize the press
for stalking him and Meghan like wild game.
To be the focus of their lens
feels like the royal shaft
as they attempt to dodge the press’s aim.

A prince’s life is crowned by angst
for one who won’t be king.
It’s clear to see the problems he will face.
But must he move to Canada
and leave it all behind?
Somehow it seems to me a royal waste.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

How Dr. Seuss might paraphrase Philippians 4

Oh, the places you will go.
The God from Whom all blessings flow
will lead you in this brand new year
according to His will.

And though your traveling days be few,
the journey that’s in store for you
does not require leaving home
to follow where God leads.

The places that He has in mind
have names like… Joyful, Grateful, Kind,
Acceptance, Peace-filled, Positive
and Generosity.

God wants to take us where life grows.
Where faith takes root much like a rose.
His grand itinerary finds us
going every day.

We’ll go to where we can be still
where hungry souls can find their fill
of that which nourishes and gives
us strength to face what’s next.

We’ll trudge through valleys dark and drear
where we will question if God’s near
or if He can be trusted
when the trail is overgrown.

But we’ll discover mountain peaks
where God rewards the one who seeks
His Kingdom more than anything
and learns to doubt his doubts.

And based upon what St. Paul said,
these ports of call of which we’ve read
invite us all to guard our minds
and fix the way we think.

A 2020 vision sees
a forest not just single trees
and focuses on what is true
and honorable and right.

It ponders what is praise-worthy
and excellent for you and me.
What’s admirable and honorable
are bait for godly brains.

Don’t worry. Pray. That is the key
to lock up our anxiety.
For in this coming year we’ll find
the source of stress in spades.

The journey that we now begin
will find God faithful once again
as we resolve then daily do
the things we have resolved.

Ah yes, the places we will go
will stretch us more than we can know.
But in the end (with gratitude)
we’ll look at where we’ve been.

Is this the End?

What are we to make of the headlines?

Rumors of earthquakes. Rumors of wars.
Rumors of famines and crises galore.

Rumors of Christians imprisoned and killed.
Rumors of truth taken hostage and stilled.

Alas, they’re not rumors. It’s what’s going on.
It’s what was predicted before time is gone.

The state of our union, the state of our world,
is frenzied and frazzled. Our globe is unfurled.

Our cosmos collapses. The moon turns to blood.
We’re bankrupt of feeling. We’re drowned by the flood.

Is this Armageddon? Is the end now in sight?
Dear God, help us trust You as day turns to night.

  • based on Matthew 24

2020 Vision

Focusing on goals for the new year

I’ve a 2020 vision
as I look to what’s ahead.
My focus on the future is quite clear.
I will aim to be productive
as I see what needs be done.
I know I have a task to do right here.

Still, the year-to-come seems daunting
as I gaze upon my goals.
And it is most likely unknowns will blindside.
But with my eyes wide open,
I will face what dawn may bring.
I will do my best and take each day in stride.

Though at times I am nearsighted
and get stressed by what’s at hand,
my colleagues help me glimpse a bigger view.
It is then I gain perspective
and I humbly realize
it’s the larger picture that I should pursue.

Lord of mercy, loving Father,
be my vision. Help me see
that the new year now upon us is a gift.
Give me eyes that fully focus
on the needs of those I serve
as I adapt my plans that need to shift.