2020 Vision

Focusing on goals for the new year

I’ve a 2020 vision
as I look to what’s ahead.
My focus on the future is quite clear.
I will aim to be productive
as I see what needs be done.
I know I have a task to do right here.

Still, the year-to-come seems daunting
as I gaze upon my goals.
And it is most likely unknowns will blindside.
But with my eyes wide open,
I will face what dawn may bring.
I will do my best and take each day in stride.

Though at times I am nearsighted
and get stressed by what’s at hand,
my colleagues help me glimpse a bigger view.
It is then I gain perspective
and I humbly realize
it’s the larger picture that I should pursue.

Lord of mercy, loving Father,
be my vision. Help me see
that the new year now upon us is a gift.
Give me eyes that fully focus
on the needs of those I serve
as I adapt my plans that need to shift.