Corona Virus Fears

Interceding on behalf of a world in peril

Corona is a city.
It’s a beer.
But what is more…
It’s a virus that might prove a global plight.
What was birthed in Wuhan China
has now led to countless deaths
while a growing fear projects a common fight.

God in Heaven,
earthlings need you.
This pandemic gives us pause
as we ponder just how vulnerable we are.
Help us care for those in crisis.
Sensitize us to their needs.
Prompt us, Lord, to pray for victims near and far.

Scouts Dishonor

Why Chapter 11 could be the final chapter in an iconic organization

I don’t recall a Chapter 11
in the Boy Scout Handbook.
Do you?
Was there one?
If there was,
it certainly wasn’t the one
making headlines today.

Lord, have mercy!

The fact that there is any mention
of Chapter 11
with reference to the Boy Scouts
is because of one despicable reason.
Over the decades
troop leaders failed to practice
the twelve principles of the Scout Law
to which they held
their merit badge seekers accountable:
to be trustworthy,
and reverent.

Just think about it.
If these depraved adults had embraced
the twelve basic ideals,
(instead of those innocent, vulnerable
and trusting boys)
there would not be
the disgrace or calamity
associated with Chapter 11.

There would not be a violation
of the vows promised in the Scout Oath:
to do my best,
to do my duty,
to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
to help other people at all times,
to keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake
and morally straight.

Lord, have mercy!

The Envelope, Please

Reflections on the Academy Awards ceremony

The Oscar goes to “what’s his name”
whose goal in life has been one aim.
To make-believe and just pretend
like when he was a kid.

Tonight’s the night we give a prize
that’s based on pretense, scripts and lies.
We honor those who play-act truth.
Deceit wins our applause.

And faking it is nothing new.
In Jesus’ day, the same was true
when actors (known as hypocrites)
deceived the madding crowd.

“You white-washed tombs!” the Lord would say,
“You’re just performing when you pray!
Take off your masks. God sees your heart.
Admit your need of Him!”

“What matters most is being real.
Admit to what you truly feel.
Quite honestly (the truth be told),
God loves you as you are!”

A House Divided

The state of our union is not what we’re told

“A house divided against itself cannot stand…”

Jesus said it.
Lincoln affirmed it.
We, as a nation, are experiencing it.

And I, for one, cannot stand the division in the House (or the Senate).
Contrary to what our President said,
although our economy is flourishing and our military is fantastic,
the state of our union is not great.
To life’s growing list of oxymorons, add one more.
United States.

While there is no ignoring the elephant in the room
(the Elephant in Chief),
there are attempts to ignore the appropriate behavior
that is becoming to lawmakers in our land.
On both sides of the aisle
(and in the Oval Office),
those elected in good faith
are making bad choices.

Their words and actions
rip to shreds the trust we placed in them.
Like circus animals, these donkeys and pachyderms
are making asses of themselves.
These beasts of burden are proving
to be a burden to our democracy.

While some rush to judgment
in an attempt to simplify the problem,
their efforts complicate and confuse.

Mr. President,
while your offenses may not be impeachable,
they definitely are offensive.
Your taunts and your tweets are embarrassing.

Mrs. Pelosi,
while I can appreciate your loyalty to your party
and your disrespect for your political enemy,
I do not appreciate or respect your discourteous lack of decorum.

Mr. Lincoln,
from your limestone throne
overlooking a House in disrepair,
I pray you are able to look beyond
the current chaos that divides us
and see a future where warring factions
will be trumped by civility, cooperation and kindness.

bless America!
Not because we deserve it
but because we are incapable
of being a blessing to the rest of the world
until we get our own house in order.

Remembering Kobe Bryant

A prayerful reflection

Nothing but net.
Nothing but dread.
Nothing can undo the news.
Kobe’s dead!

We are in shock.
We are in grief.
We are reminded
at best life is brief.

Not just for him.
Not just for her.
Not just for fans.
Life is short. It’s a blur.

So we take time.
So we take stock.
So we take note
of our world that’s been rocked.

Lord, speak!
Help us listen!