The Envelope, Please

Reflections on the Academy Awards ceremony

The Oscar goes to “what’s his name”
whose goal in life has been one aim.
To make-believe and just pretend
like when he was a kid.

Tonight’s the night we give a prize
that’s based on pretense, scripts and lies.
We honor those who play-act truth.
Deceit wins our applause.

And faking it is nothing new.
In Jesus’ day, the same was true
when actors (known as hypocrites)
deceived the madding crowd.

“You white-washed tombs!” the Lord would say,
“You’re just performing when you pray!
Take off your masks. God sees your heart.
Admit your need of Him!”

“What matters most is being real.
Admit to what you truly feel.
Quite honestly (the truth be told),
God loves you as you are!”