Ruthless in Washington

Imagining the nation’s Capitol without Justice Ginsberg

It’s Ruthless back there in D.C.
From where I sit, it seems to me
the chaos in this COVID year
is more chaotic still.

So who will fill the vacancy
now that notorious RBG
has left the Court and left us stunned?
Who’ll “sing” with The Supremes?

Regardless of the way you vote,
we all would do well to take note
that RBG’s a patron saint
of women and young girls.

Peace to her memory!

A COVID Hymn for Churches

God’s promises in the midst of a pandemic

In our church on Sunday morning,
we claim our place.
Social distancing’s required.
There’s so much space.
While we long for what’s familiar,
we’re convinced we’re loved by those here.
We’re a fam’ly so we won’t fear
what COVID brings.

Though we’re masked, our hearts are singing
worshipful praise.
Empty choir lofts are sad but
leave us unfazed.
When we worship God in Spirit
others have no need to hear it.
God is there in spite of COVID
evenings and days.

In the silence God is speaking.
“Don’t be dismayed.
COVID cannot keep Me from you.
Don’t be afraid.”
God alone can calm our stressing
when we’re candidly confessing
how we daily are distressing
distanced and stayed.

He’s the vine and we’re the branches
nourished by grace.
We’re abiding by the Spirit,
sheltered in place.
In this world of tribulation,
COVID, fires and race relations,
we can trust the Lord of Nations
for what we need.

tune: All Through the Night

Nineteen Years Since 9/11

How the worst brought out our best

Nineteen years since 9/11
tore a hole within our soul.
Stole our sense of safety from us.
Left us reeling. Took a toll.
Changed the way we fly at airports.
Altered how we’re screened at games.
Made “Let’s roll!” a phrase we ponder
when they read a list of names.

Nineteen years since terror found us
on our knees and unified
as we prayed for God’s protection
and in grief for those who died.
As we prayed for those still missing
in the rubble on the ground.
As we grieved with grieving loved ones
when remains were finally found.

Nineteen years since blatant vengeance
joined us at the hip as one.
Blurred the lines that once divided.
Now united, fearing none.
One in cause and one in spirit.
Fueled by love of liberty.
Motivated by the lives of
those who died to make us free.

Nineteen years since 9/11
showed us how to be our best.
Showed us how we need each other
when we face a grueling test.
Showed us what our nation can be
if we fight a common foe
and how much we need to trust in
One from whom all blessings flow.

A Surrender Remembered

Recalling September 2, 1945 seventy-five years later

In Tokyo Bay that memorable day,
my dad was an eyewitness to history.
But he was not alone.

Hundreds of others like him
stood in uniformed allegiance.
Proudly perched, these sailors and Marines
recognized the significance
of the drama playing out before them
on the floating stage before them.

Autographs on parchment
attested to the negotiated peace
that had been purchased
with a currency of courage.
Signatures secured a surrender
reluctantly offered.

A General specifically tasked
with conducting the somber ceremony
achieved the desired outcome
efficiently and with dignity.

It was a moment in time
that we remember this day
while the ghosts of the past
look on and salute.

In a hallowed harbor
that recalls a bloody beginning,
a peaceful end is recalled.