A COVID Hymn for Churches

God’s promises in the midst of a pandemic

In our church on Sunday morning,
we claim our place.
Social distancing’s required.
There’s so much space.
While we long for what’s familiar,
we’re convinced we’re loved by those here.
We’re a fam’ly so we won’t fear
what COVID brings.

Though we’re masked, our hearts are singing
worshipful praise.
Empty choir lofts are sad but
leave us unfazed.
When we worship God in Spirit
others have no need to hear it.
God is there in spite of COVID
evenings and days.

In the silence God is speaking.
“Don’t be dismayed.
COVID cannot keep Me from you.
Don’t be afraid.”
God alone can calm our stressing
when we’re candidly confessing
how we daily are distressing
distanced and stayed.

He’s the vine and we’re the branches
nourished by grace.
We’re abiding by the Spirit,
sheltered in place.
In this world of tribulation,
COVID, fires and race relations,
we can trust the Lord of Nations
for what we need.

tune: All Through the Night