Gone But Not Forgotten

Remembering the CHALLENGER astronauts

It was a cloudless winter day.
Our hopes were high. We paused to pray.
The Challenger sat on the pad
prepared to make us proud.

And then out of the (morning) blue,
something went wrong.
Somehow we knew
what had begun with boundless joy
would end in tragedy.

We watched the launch in disbelief.
Our President helped guide our grief
inviting us with poetry
to “touch the face of God!”*

Peace to the memory
of The Challenger Seven!


A Man of Means

An Aaronic blessing to one of baseball’s greatest!

Oh Henry! I just heard you died
and I am feeling sad.
You left your mark in baseball and much more.
Your home run record beat the Babe’s
but mostly you stood out
by walking tall. That’s how you really scored.

You turned the other cheek, like Christ.
You wouldn’t let hate win.
You took your swings at racism with love.
By imitating One who died
(forgiving you your sins),
you voiced your values with a batter’s glove.

You took your cues from “42”
and also from a King.
Both civil rights and justice fueled your dreams.
You meant to make your life pay off.
You meant to make it count.
And so you did. You were a man of means.

Peace to your memory!

Inauguration Day

It’s a day for new beginnings

It’s a day to ask God’s blessing
on a man who now will lead
a nation quite divided (blue and red).
It’s a day to pray for safety.
It’s a day to pray for peace.
Though filled with doubt we choose to trust instead.

It’s a day for new beginnings.
It’s a day to take an oath.
It’s a day for our new President to speak.
It’s a day for him to calm our fears
and call us all to dream
of reaching noble goals for which we seek.

Like unity and kindness, too.
Like treating others fair.
Like honesty and giving folks a hand.
Like dignity and tolerance
and honoring the weak
while lifting up the wounded who can’t stand.

This is a day we start to heal
if we are so inclined
to put aside the rancor and forgive.
While differences won’t disappear,
the way we disagree
determines if democracy will live.

This day is what inaugurates
much more than just a term.
It terminates a season we survived.
A season marked by COVID,
riots, chaos and much hate.
A season marked by leadership that lied.

But this day we inaugurate
a President and more.
We have the chance to truly start again.
Bipartisan investments
in democracy’s account.
A blank slate now invites us to begin.

A COVID Prayer

Asking the Lord to lift the coronavirus cloud

Lord, lift the COVID cloud that hides
what we too long have been denied…
a meal with friends, a loved one’s hug
and seeing someone’s face.

Lord, may the vaccine stop the spread
and end the spike of daily dead.
Please give us strength to work the plan
our leaders have put forth.

For those who grieve, we pray Your peace
while pleading this pandemic cease.
And as we trust Your unseen hand,
we reach in faith to You. Amen.

Welcome Aboard Flight 2021

Fasten your seatbelts for an unforgettable adventure

Welcome aboard Flight 2021.
On behalf of our Captain
and the entire crew of New Creation Airlines,
I’d like to invite you to sit back and enjoy
the adventure that awaits.
We are anticipating an on-time departure and a smooth ride.
In preparation for takeoff,
please make sure that your seatbelt is fastened
and that your expectations for the coming year
are in their upright and locked position.

You are invited to stow any baggage
you’ve carried on-board at this time.
This is your opportunity to let go of
whatever fears, distractions or attitudes
that would keep you from making the most
of this unforgettable journey.

The face coverings you were issued prior to boarding
are more than a souvenir of our trip.
They should be worn at all times
during the duration of the flight.
They are a somber reminder
of our vulnerability as passengers on this journey
we call Life.

Kindly turn off all devices that
would prove distractive
or interfere with the Captain’s ability
to communicate with you.
Please make sure your communication systems
are in their prayer plane mode.

Due to COVID restrictions,
food and beverage service will be limited.
But as your travel documents advised prior to boarding,
you are encouraged to drink freely
from the Living Water
and nourish your souls
with the Bread of Life.

Those of you seated near the window
are invited to look out and enjoy
the beauty of God’s creation.
From our cruising altitude
you likely will be able to take note
of the distance we’ve traveled
and celebrate how far we’ve come.

Once in flight
you will be able to move about the cabin
and make full use of all that
Flight 2021 has to offer.
But while you are seated,
we ask that you please
keep your seatbelt fastened.
Unexpected turbulence
can occur at any time
and without any notice.

Please feel free to utilize
the printed matter
in the seat pocket in front of you.
The Bible offers both safety instructions
in the event of an emergency
as well as informative reading
that celebrates the faith and achievements
of others who have traveled this itinerary before you.

And don’t hesitate
to press the call button at any time.
Your wellbeing
is our Captain’s primary concern.
Your comments and suggestions
are always welcome.

What was it the Lord told the Children of Israel
when their flight home was detoured and delayed in Babylon?

I know the plans I have for you.
They are plans for good and not for evil,
to give you a future and a hope
.” Jeremiah 29:11