From Where Lincoln Sits

Reflections on the insurrection in Washington D.C.

From where Abe sits
he has an unobstructed view of our democracy.
The war memorials in his line of sight
picture the priceless cost of freedom.
The Washington Monument elegantly points toward a God
who has repeatedly blessed our undeserving nation.
At the end of the mall
our beloved Capitol stands tall
shimmering in the sunlight
hovering over a nation
known by law and order.

But today our sixteenth President
winces in pain
as he witnesses a scene
familiar to other regimes
throughout history
but foreign to our beloved land.

Insurrection some have called it.
A dereliction of civic duty and patriotic pride.
A disgrace unbecoming law-abiding citizens
who have forgotten their heritage and pledge.
Such wanton madness is applauded by extremists
and quietly supported by those who set the bait
and cowardly watch from palatial venues of power.

What Honest Abe sees causes him to weep.
Such a dishonest distortion of First Amendment rights
is nothing short of wrong.

Lord, have mercy!